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Couples Counselling Practice Counselling for Couples and Individuals with Dawn Kaffel
West Hampstead in North West London and Central London W1

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About Me

Working as a Couples Counsellor for the past twenty years has given me an insight into the importance of helping couples sustain a more stable, fulfilling relationship that works for them and grows stronger over time. Counselling offers the time and space to reflect and explore how to do this by communicating more effectively.

My work with both individuals and couples helps them to understand how to manage the challenges and struggles that we all face, whilst maintaining trust and respect for each other. I focus on their relationship difficulties and support my clients to make sense of their issues, so that they can become more of a team and move towards growth and change

I am an accredited BACP couples counsellor having trained as a psychodynamic therapist and worked with London Marriage Guidance (now the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships) and as a Relate Licensed practitioner for many years.

As well as training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help with depression and general health anxiety, my particular interest is working with Emotionally Focused Therapy. This approach helps partners understand their stuck negative patterns of interactions. It enables them to move towards a feeling of connection and safety, being able to recognise and understand their fighting patterns, so they can step back from them and talk about it, instead of getting caught in it.

I have a private practice in West Hampstead and Central London where I work with both individuals and couples. I also see clients at a multi-disciplinary GP practice in North London. I am also a member of Coupleworks www.coupleworks.co.uk, a specialised London- based relationship -counselling network.

My method of working is to offer face to face sessions as well as working over Skype . This is useful for couples who are time poor or have to travel long distances. Appointments are held during daytimes, evenings and on Sunday mornings. I feel it is important that I try to see clients as quickly as possible.

Other Activities An encouraging development in the world of work is that enlightened companies and organisations are recognising that their employees have lives outside their offices. One way in which I am participating in this is in the presentation of webinars as an educational tool for the workforce. Last year I worked with Barclays suggesting how we navigate major changes in our relationships, for example, when a first baby arrives and when children leave home. Further webinars are planned for 2018 with Deloitte exploring why we need relationships and how to keep them alive and growing with all the challenges that confront our lives.

If you would like to discuss things further or to make an appointment, you can call me on 07976 403741 or (020) 8959 9528. Alternatively you can contact me by email by clicking here.

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