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Managing Uncertainty During Lockdown

COVID 19 - Personal Health and Safety

Welcome to my practice. We've all been living with the quite profound changes that the pandemic and the need for social distancing have made to our lives since March. The main difference in my practice is that I am now only working online via Zoom, Skype and Face Time platforms. It has been very encouraging to me to see how my new clients, receiving counselling for the first time using these methods, have felt pleased that couples counselling was still available at a time when they needed it and how it is helping them. I look forward to the time when I will be able, once more, to work with you in person. Please keep yourselves safe and well and if you would like to make contact with me, please click here to send me an email or give me a call on 07976-403741. With very best wishes, Dawn Kaffel, Couples Counsellor.

Counselling for Key Workers and Frontline Workers during the Pandemic - details here
My name is Dawn Kaffel and I have been working in private practice as a North West London relationship therapist for over twenty years.

I am a well qualified and highly experienced Couples Counsellor offering relationship counselling for individuals and couples from my practice in West Hampstead and North West London. Please click here for more details about my working practice.

I offer couples counselling in Central London from a practice in W1 close to Marylebone High Street. I work from The Mind Body Practice every Thursday.

I offer relationship counselling to same-sex and heterosexual individuals and couples and my clients come from a wide range of different backgrounds, cultures and religions. I take an impartial and empathic approach in a confidential and caring setting.

I believe we all want the best relationship we can possibly have but we are, unfortunately, often left disappointed and let down. Relationship therapy can offer couples an opportunity to discuss and understand more clearly what is not working and help them work towards making changes that will enhance a partnership.

With this in mind I often integrate Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) into my work. This process helps make sense of relationship distress and helps clients understand and change negative patterns into more secure and safe connections. By using a series of steps that were developed by Dr Susan Johnson in Canada, couples learn to reconnect and work towards a stronger emotional bond.

A relationship doesn't need to be in crisis to for you to come for counselling. Having the space to think and reflect on what we want from our lives and relationships with an experienced couples counsellor can really help to clarify and facilitate change.

New Blog - November 2020

In support of thinking and reflecting, I write regular blogs exploring the different issues that arise in couples' relationships. My new blog discusses the issues around"Managing Uncertainty During Lockdown" with some ideas to support you and your partner in these unprecedented times. Please click here to go to my Blog page where you can read more.

Extract from: 'Managing Uncertainty During Lockdown'

"Living through two periods of isolation has put the spotlight firmly on our partnerships like never before. We have never experienced living so close to one another for so long without our usual social outlets. This has meant that we seem to have become more hyper-vigilant with our partners, seeing things we never saw before, hearing things we never heard or said before."
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