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Skype Counselling

Working confidentially with the different needs and issues of my clients is at the core of my work.
My approach is always impartial and empathic and valuing my clients' privacy is very important.
With the increase of social media, this can at times be unclear, so with this in mind I have set out my approach through my digital policy.

For some clients attending regular face to face sessions can be difficult. This may be because clients after starting face to face sessions find themselves relocating to another country and the thought of finding another therapist may be daunting. Using Skype offers a way of continuing to work with the same therapist, despite often being miles away from the consulting rooms. It also offers those clients an opportunity to stay connected to their therapy sessions when each of them may be in different parts of the world.

I offer an initial consultation face to face, followed by Skype appointments if required.

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